Eco Gift Wrap by Onagono


The other day, I posted a snapshot of our delivery package and I noticed that a lot of people showed interest in our packaging. So today, I decided to post a photo of our gift-wrap to show you how it would look like if you requested your order to be gift-wrapped by us.

For non gift items, we like to keep our packaging pretty yet simple so we normally wrap them in tissues – nice and neat – and send them in a brown box. But if your order is a gift for somebody, of course we like to add some frills (however not literary!) to our packaging on your behalf.

Here is a nice snapshot taken by a customer who received her gift-wrapped order.


(Photograph courtesy of Alex Jako)

We wrap the item(s) in a sheet of brown paper, tie it/them with a colourful (assorted) cotton string, and finish it with a Onagono stamped brown paper tag.

IMPORTANT: If you would like your order to be gift-wrapped, please simply type in ‘Gift’ in the note section at the check out stage – it’s a FREE service.

All the wrapping materials are recycled / recyclable / biodegradable.

Onagono X


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