A visit to Knitster LDN

Knitster LDN is a knitwear studio based in Hackney, East London, run by Aysen Bayram.

Although I’ve know Aysen for over 10 years, I met her for the first time in years when I went to a friend’s party the other week. I asked her if I could pay a visit to her studio and she happily welcomed me in.





I was curious about this industrial knitting machine since I saw the post on the Knitster LDN’s FB page. Apparently it came from a knitwear workshop in Scotland, that used to be run by a gentleman who is now 80 years old and had retired to become a bus driver.


Aysen is working to give it a new lease of life.


The cleaning is in progress. You can see the difference in the state of it before (left half) and after (right half) polishing.


Still sussing out how this thing works…


I am looking forward to seeing the old Italian machine come into action! I will revisit the Knitster LND studio again and hopefully will post the update here…

On the wall, I spotted a charcoal drawing of Aysen’s cat / muse by her friend Mieke Dingemanse in Amsterdam where she spent several years as a knitwear designer for an international fashion brand.



Here is some of her work of knitted animals using Scottish lamswool. She also has an ongoing project Portrait Your Pet where by she commissions to knit clients’ pets into an object like cushion and frame.




Aysen demonstrating us how the Brother knitting machine motor unit works.



Thank you for sparing your time and showing us around your studio on one of the hottest days of the year!

Onagono x


Symmetric / Asymmetric

Necklaces are a great way to liven up a simple look. Especially big and colourful pieces are often my favourite for that purpose.

Here is a glass beads + coco disks mixed necklace from Kenya worn in two different ways. Can you spot the difference?



and asymmetric…


I wonder which balance is more aesthetically pleasing for you…?

Onagono will pop up on this Sunday!


NW London people! Have you made any plan for tomorrow yet?

If not, we have a suggestion!

Onagono’s secret agent Maki is having a market stall in Queens Park and she is showcasing some of the pieces from the Onagono online shop. So why not come down to see, touch and feel our ethically sourced and beautifully made products? There will be some handwoven placemats & bags, jewellery, colourful recycled cotton socks amongst others!

Apparently it is in the hall right next to an award-winning farmer’s market so that is definitely a great extra excuse to come down for a nice Sunday stroll!

OPENING HOURS: 10am-2pm (nice and short)

At Queens Park Community Sale

Salusbury Rooms

Salusbury School

Salusbury Road



Onagono X

Eco Gift Wrap by Onagono


The other day, I posted a snapshot of our delivery package and I noticed that a lot of people showed interest in our packaging. So today, I decided to post a photo of our gift-wrap to show you how it would look like if you requested your order to be gift-wrapped by us.

For non gift items, we like to keep our packaging pretty yet simple so we normally wrap them in tissues – nice and neat – and send them in a brown box. But if your order is a gift for somebody, of course we like to add some frills (however not literary!) to our packaging on your behalf.

Here is a nice snapshot taken by a customer who received her gift-wrapped order.


(Photograph courtesy of Alex Jako)

We wrap the item(s) in a sheet of brown paper, tie it/them with a colourful (assorted) cotton string, and finish it with a Onagono stamped brown paper tag.

IMPORTANT: If you would like your order to be gift-wrapped, please simply type in ‘Gift’ in the note section at the check out stage – it’s a FREE service.

All the wrapping materials are recycled / recyclable / biodegradable.

Onagono X