Hot Summer (almost vegan) food

I announced to become a temporary vegan this week, so my house chef Jimmy (it’s not his actual occupation) made a big pot of vegan Thai red curry last night. It was so tasty that I had to have it again for lunch this afternoon – I couldn’t wait until the evening. It was just perfect for this hot weather.

Earlier today, I started to think ‘ oh, did he actually put fish sauce in it?’ as we always do with Thai curries. I checked it with him on the phone. ‘Yes, I did…’ he said. I have already cheated my vegan week…

Ah, I don’t know the exact receipt but here are some of the ingredients:

Coconut milk

Kaffir lime leaves

lemon grass

seitan (similar to tofu, because of its texture that is similar to meat, it is sometimes used as the meat substitute by vegetarians/vegans)



Red curry paste

And I had it with some steamed gen-mai (short grain brown rice) mixed with 10 different types of seeds and beans that was rather nice too.


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