Birthday Gifts.

A friend’s Birthday lunch on last Sunday. She received some nice handmade gifts from her talented friends.

Handmade ceramic sake bottle & cup…

Handknitted egg stand..

Homemade cake…

Hand-stitched pouch…


It’s a big one.

We have some sunflowers in our garden this year. Their yellows bright up the garden nicely but it looks like that they are coming to the end of season.

I realized the other day, that one of them is seriously big. Is this normal? I had to measure it. The stem is about 2m 30cm long and the flower is about 35cm diameter. I decided that it was rather SPECIAL.

Skuchan is about 25cm tall (with her 4 paws on the ground).

Jimmy is about 1m 80cm tall.

Can you feel the scale of the sunflower?