Window Display

Phoebe and I did a window display at Family Tree Shop to coincide the Fairtrade Fortnight that took place between 25th Feb – 9th Mar. Obviously the display has long gone, but I took some shots before it was dismounted. I love the clouds so much as they look so real. Thumbs up.




No-One Boutique

‘no-one’ part of ‘Jaguar Shoes ‘ is situated at the junction where Old Street/Shoreditch High Street/Kingsland Road/Hackney Road meet. What I like about no-one is that not only it has a nice mixture of the laid-back cafĂ© area plays nice music and the boutique area sells selections of stylish women’s/men’s clothings and accessories, it also features beautiful and fun artworks by up-and-coming artists regularly.

So, I am very excited about that no-one is going to be one of the stockists for Onagono’s first full range collection for Spring/Summer 2008 very soon. I’m hoping that, by seeing clothings that carries organic / Fairtrade certifications (a.k.a. Onagono collection) at a shop like no-one, people will realize that wearing organic/Fairtrade cotton clothing is NOT what happens in another planet .